May 2, 2008

Take the Editors Blog challenge

It's Scurvy Awareness Day. By now, the festivities have been going for hours, with no end in sight. To mix things up, we thought we'd hold a contest of our own.Everyone knows it's impossible to drink one gallon of milk in an hour. But what about a gallon of orange juice? We have no idea, but we'd like to find out. Here's what you can do:Step 1.) Run down to your corner store and grab yourself a gallon of the finest OJ you can find. It doesn't matter if it's pulp-free or homestyle, although for accuracy's sake you should make a note of which kind and which brand you choose. (For the purposes of this challenge, Sunny D is off limits).Step 2.) Consume. Remember to set your timer with initial swig of juice.Step 3.) Report back to us after an hour. Ideally there would be video evidence, but we'll accept compelling anecdotes as well.The winner will be receive immortality, and possibly an IgNoble prize. All in the name of science. Good luck!