June 3, 2008

R. Kelly2

If you are looking to waste a couple of hours, I highly recommend reading up on the daily reports from the R. Kelly child pornography trial. Now, I'm not a huge fan of the TMZ-style celebrity coverage. While the Britney Spears's of the world might be media whores that thrive on any sort of media attention, I just don't think that's true with many others.Still, when it comes to the child pornographers/pedophiles, I can't help but enjoy seeing them get torn down. Kelly has had a history with underage girls. He married Aaliyah when she was just 14 (he was 27) and has privately settled at least two accusations of having sex with underage girls. The prosecutions strategy in the case is simply to show a sex video that purportedly features R. Kelly and the underage victim. The victim won't testify, so the prosecution has simply called up numerous witnesses that identify Kelly and the victim in the video. The defense's strategy has varied from denying that the man in the video is Kelly (perhaps just a look-a-like) to accusing various witnesses of digitally changing the video a la the Wayan Brother's opus Little Man (because we all believed that Marlon Wayans was actually 2 feet tall in that movie).Along the way we've learned about R. Kelly's Space Jam mural, his gym bag of sex tapes that never left his side, and his bizarre sexual kinks. The prosecution rested today, but more drama seems to be coming up.