June 7, 2008

Grey City4

The folks at Hyde Park Progress were kind enough to (kind of) link to the newest member of the Chicago Maroon family: our quarterly supplement, Grey City. If you haven't already, pick up a copy RIGHT NOW and let us know what you think.In the first usse, we take a look at crime in Hyde Park, the Washington Park Olympic proposal, students working for Obama, and the University's endowment. There's also a spread on the alumni and faculty who made the Democratic primary campaign so exhilirating/excruciating. The race may be over, but it's certainly worth your time.You can read everything online as well at the new and improved (now with ads!), along with special bonus content. I highly recommend reading the J.Z. Smith interview in full, along with the audio slideshow. There's just something about that voice. And face. And cane...