September 22, 2008

Sunstein, Power tie the knot

Cass Sunstein sent waves through the legal world earlier this year when he announced his decision to depart the U of C for a senior professorship at the Harvard Law School (HLS).

This summer, the former University of Chicago Law School professor and the most-cited legal scholar in the United States tied the knot with Samantha Power, an expert on foreign policy and human rights law at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

The two were married in a private ceremony on July 4 at Mary Immaculate Church in Kerry County of Power's native Ireland.

This spring the online legal tabloid Above the Law broke rumors that Sunstein and Power were engaged to be married. The tabloid piece suggested that news of the couple's romantic status was known within the University of Chicago Law School community.

In response to Sunstein's departure, Dean of the U of C Law School Saul Levmore said that Sunstein's move was motivated by "personal reasons."

"But I know—I don't think, I know—that there are a couple of personal reasons for this decision," Levmore told the MAROON in February.

At Harvard, Sunstein will direct HLS's new program on risk regulation. He has authored or edited 13 books. In 2003, Power won the Pulizer Prize in nonfiction writing for her book A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide.

Sunstein and Power met while they were both working for the Barack Obama presidential campaign, from which Power resigned as a foreign policy adviser after controversy erupted in March when she called Hillary Clinton a "monster".

Prior to announcing his departure, Sunstein maintained a high-profile relationship with classicist, philosopher, and fellow U of C Law Professor Martha Nussbaum, who in February announced that she had turned down an offer from Harvard and would instead remain at the U of C.