September 25, 2008


Spend enough time at the University of Chicago and you'll probably find your way to the International House for a lecture, cultural event, or overnight stay. Located at 1414 East 59th Street between Ida Noyes and the Lab School, I-House is a graduate student residency and cultural hub for visiting scholars from all over the world.

I-House features a helpful staff, auditorium, café, and several lounges. Undergraduates might spend the night in I-House over winter or spring break before moving back into their regular dorms, or they might just stop by for a special event.

I-House hosts the weekly lecture series World Beyond the Headlines, which brings journalists on campus to discuss world issues. The first speaker in the series Fall Quarter will be Jonathan Mahler, who will discuss his new book on the U.S. presidency at 6:00 p.m. on October 16.

I-House is also one of the Hyde Park venues to host the Second Annual Hyde Park Jazz Festival on Saturday, September 27.

Students and other University of Chicago affiliates can book a dorm room in I-House for a long-term stay at a reduced rate or a guest room for a short-term stay. Rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, television, and a queen-sized bed. Almost all rooms share dormitory-style, single-sex bathrooms on their floors.

Upperclassmen or graduate students who want to make I-House their permanent home while at the U of C must apply for admittance to the dorm—according to the Housing Office, "International House strives to maintain a diverse population of residents from throughout the United States and all other countries of the world. To this end, we attempt to a maintain a balanced ratio of U.S. to international applicants in order to meet the philosophy and goals of the program."

Room sizes vary from an average single to a queen-bed-equipped extra-large single. Some rooms in the dorm's tower offer stunning views of Hyde Park.