November 20, 2009

Groups raise awareness, hope to can trash for good

Food, music, and environmentalism came together Monday evening at the Reynolds Club for the second annual No Trash Bash. The event, organized by the Green Campus Initiative (GCI), offered students a chance to get information about the numerous groups and projects supporting sustainability around campus and in the greater Hyde Park area.

The highly publicized No Trash Bash brought together green organizations and students at the Reynolds Club on Monday, offering students a chance to inform themselves about sustainability groups and projects on campus.

“Our focus is on raising awareness,” said second-year Willy Gu, GCI chairman. “One of our main goals was just to get GCI’s name out there, and let people know that GCI is working for sustainability around them on campus.”

Several campus environmental organizations were represented, including the College Sustainability Office, Outdoor Adventure Club, and Southside Solidarity Network. Organizations not affiliated with the University attended as well, including The Washington Park Conservancy, 61st Street Community Garden, Open Produce, Veg Society, and Illinois Student Environmental Coalition.

GCI offered attendees the chance to tie-dye old shirts using natural vegetable dyes in an effort to encourage students to reinvent clothes that they wouldn’t ordinarily wear, as well as providing a platform to discuss sustainable and organic clothing options. Another table helped students make notebooks out of cereal-box cardboard and blank paper.