February 14, 2009

Ben Bernanke's Boyhood Bungalow Bought by Bidder

Giddily slapped onto the front of the Wall Street Journal even though it probably doesn't merit it, "Fed Chief's Boyhood Home Is Sold After Foreclosure" really only exists for the headline. But what a headline.

Ben Bernanke's old house in Dillon, South Carolina--which hasn't seen a Bernanke's shadow in a decade--was sold to a loan officer named Travis Jackson. That's the news, folks.

The article itself is a loose combination of biographical tidbits about Bernanke, a survey of his hometown's grim condition, and some unnecessary Bernanke trivia (did you know that in 2006 Dillon celebrated Ben Bernanke Day at a pub called the Kintyre House with none other than Ben Bernanke?)

One question: Is it merely a coincidence that Travis Jackson both bought Bernanke's old home and is the only person in America who thinks that Ben Bernanke is "one of the greatest leaders we have in our time period?"