May 25, 2009

CCSR Chief John Easton confirmed by Senate for Dept. of Ed. Role

John Q. Easton, director of the Consortium for Chicago School Research (CCSR) at the University, was officially named director of the Institute of Education Sciences, the main research arm of the Department of Education, when he was confirmed by the U.S. Senate Thursday.

President Obama tapped Easton for the job in April. Easton will be in charge of organizing the Department of Education's research projects, a task he performed at the CCSR, which has gained a national reputation for excellence and has spurred interest in similar groups around the country.

According to's K-12 research blog, Easton will be replaced at the CCSR by Penny Bender Sebring and Elaine Allensworth while the University searches for a replacement.

In Washington, DC, Easton will take charge of four national research centers and a staff of 200—a significant increase over his current staff size.