May 8, 2009

Scav Hunt, Shoreland's Last Stand: Trouble?

Trouble in the Shoreland camp? Second-year Maddie Underwood and first-years Erin Britton and Olivia Elliot are sitting next to me in Pierce working on [REDACTED] for Scav. Ten minutes ago, however, the girls found out someone else in Shoreland already did their project, and all their hard work has gone to naught.

But did these girls give up? No, they haven't, even though many at the table encouraged them to--Scav isn't embraced by the school's entire population--and are now working on a poem for Item #167, "A holorime. But it has to be really good. And you have to write it yourself, in English."

"Say: 'They're working on hollow rhyme./ They were king on...,'" Maddie and Erin said, when asked what they are doing. Hollow rhyme, a super couplet, appears to be very hard.

"We're not betrayed," Erin said of her team. Olivia, however, is now checking the web. She declined to comment.