May 9, 2009

Scav Hunt: XOXO

166. Spotted: All the Judges' cell phones buzzing at the same time. What is it? Oh, it's a text message update from Gossip Scavvie, keeping us abreast of all the latest rumors and scandals, at least twice each day. Make sure there's a way for people to sign up for GS updates; after all, none of your teammates wants to be left out of the loop. And there'd better be some way for us to send in anonymous tips. You're no one unless you're talked about. Points will be awarded based on quality of gossip spread, and on the number of Judges who receive the updates. You know you love me. xoxo, Gossip Scavvie. [Eta points]

275. The first and only the first team to present us with a Scavvie sporting a hickey on his or her neck gets five points. That means now: start biting. [5 points]

It seems like the B-J team, Ron Paul Presents: Ron Paul's Ruff Riders, found a nifty way to fell two clues with one text. From fourth-year and BJ lieutenant Alyssa Mathais:

Spotted: Girl nursing a hickey courtesy of E. But last time we checked, E was married. We see Lonely Boy has retreated to work on his Wittgenstein paper. Or is he plotting his revenge? There's nothing Gossip Scavvie loves more than a Traditional Bedouin cat fight. RPPRPRR, Gossip Scavvie.