June 18, 2009

Chronic failure

In what can only be attributed to crumbling before the competition (or perhaps just reading Viewpoints columnist Steve Saltarelli), the University of Chicago Chronicle has ceased publication.

...[R]eading habits have changed dramatically in recent years. A survey of Chronicle readers this spring showed that 96 percent get some or most of their news from the Internet. Intended for an audience of more than 27,000 faculty and staff members, students and friends, fewer than 4,000 copies of the Chronicle were picked up from the free drop boxes around campus and the neighborhood during each of three different samplings this spring....“After 21 years in newspapers, I don’t relish the thought of ending the Chronicle,” [Associate Vice President for News and Public Affairs Steve] Kloehn said. “But as we look to make the best use of our finite resources, it becomes clear that we have better tools available.”
In all seriousness, it's sad to see the 28-year-old U of C PR megaphone disappear. Sure, there are probably better uses for trees, but the newspaper apocalypse didn't need the extra tally mark. Maybe Sam Zell will buy it?