June 24, 2009

Today in 'seriously, Chicago?'

CBS 2 has a story today about how we're all pretty much going to die. Apparently, thanks to the recent violence across the city, Stroger Hospital is facing a massive shortage of blood type O-, the universal donor. And the rest of Cook County's supply isn't doing too well, either.

The blood bank showed us the eight units of O-negative blood that's left. Only three of the units are designated for trauma patients though. Any more outbreaks of violence on the streets pose a threat here."Tonight we may be in a very tough situation," Dr. Dennis said. "Because we're that short on O-negative blood."
Two things to take from this. First, do not have any bad accidents any time soon. Wear helmets, maybe? And armor? Second, give blood, even if you're not O-. LifeSource can help you find a place to donate nearby and set up an appointment.