July 28, 2009

More airborne Hyde Park alumni

Today is my birthday and my mother - now an active Facebook user and possible blog reader - mailed me a book of notable events that have occurred on this day over the years. Among such cheerful tidbits as the start of World War I and a 1976 earthquake that killed 750,000 people in China, I found this:

JULY 28, 1928 - Amelia Earhart, who earlier this year became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, has received tumultuous welcome in most of the capitals of Europe and many U.S. cities. But none equal the welcome she receives today from students at the Hyde Park High School in Chicago from which she graduated 13 years ago.

Hyde Park High School, now known as Hyde Park Career Academy, opened in 1894 and is located at 62nd and Stony Island.

Hyde Park High School, from a 1909 postcard. Courtesy

While the school might have been happy to see her again, she was probably not thrilled to return: Doris L. Rich's Amelia Earhart: A Biography describes her time there as miserable, with the yearbook describing her as "A.E. – the girl in brown who walks alone."