January 8, 2010

Cobb Gate, sidewalk repairs unfinished after winter break

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Construction projects begun over winter break have continued into January, leaving Cobb Gate gateless and Woodlawn Avenue sidewalks torn up.

Work on Cobb Gate, located between the Anatomy and Zoology Buildings on 57th Street, is part of an initiative to meet accessibility codes on the main quads. The metal gate was removed last month so workers could repave the entrance.

Workers opened a temporary accessway to the main quad on 57th Street in the wall between the Anatomy Building and Snell-Hitchcock, to be used while construction blocks off access to Cobb Gate periodically throughout the month.

“Complete replacement of the previous pathway was necessary to achieve the slope required by current codes. Along with the installation of a compliant pathway, the tunnel structure below Cobb Gate is beingimproved and the original gates are being restored,” John Carey, a client services manager at Facilities, said.

Fourth-year Hitchcock resident Steve LaRue said he’s concerned that a swing hanging in that quad, which was donated by an alumnus for the dorm’s 100th birthday, might be stolen. He added that concerned members of the dormitory have a meeting this week with Joe Edwards, anassistant director of university housing.

Other areas affected by the project include the west side of Woodlawn Avenue between 57th and 58th Streets, 57th Street between University and Woodlawn Avenues, the east side of University Avenue between 57th and 58th Streets, a part of the 57th Street near the Biological Sciences Learning Center, and a segment of the sidewalk on University Avenue next to the Reynolds Club.

This summer, the Main Quads were repaved to meet accesibility code as well.