October 19, 2010

Construction to fix leaky pipes continues near Cobb

Emergency repairs in the ground behind Cobb Gate to fix a leak in the Main Quad’s chilled-water pipes may take two weeks to finish, according to U of C Facilities Services.

The paved area between Culver and Erman Halls is currently fenced off as workers excavate and fix the leaking pipe valves ten feet underground.

In addition to limiting pedestrian traffic and prohibiting vehicle traffic, the repairs, which started October 13, also impact the buildings on the Main Quad.

According to a facilities statement, sometimes the “chilled water will be shut off to the Main Quadrangles in order to make the necessary repairs,” which will turn off air conditioning in Harper, Haskell, Cobb, Admin, Kent, Searle, Zoology and Erman.

The fences were originally planned to be taken down by Friday, but because of safety issues, work will continue until at least the end of the month. “Workers needed to do some shoring of the make sure the soil is stable,” University spokesman Jeremy Manier said, referring to a buttressing process that prevents soil collapse during digging.

Because of the construction work, cars are restricted from the area and cannot enter through Cobb Gate. Pedestrians are limited to the adjacent walkways.

The area under construction was not renovated as part of last summer’s stone walkway project on the Main Quad and will again be repaved with asphalt, not stone, after construction is complete, Manier said.