October 26, 2010

Life of the Grind - 10.26.10

Tips and hints from your fellow students. Use the comments form below to submit your own. Submissions will be published in next Tuesday's Maroon.

Dear midterms week: You don't have to do this. It doesn't have to be this way.

Dear conscience: I know I should be supporting local businesses, but I can't help it. Chipotle is better than Maravillas.

To the beagle I keep seeing on 53rd: Thou art majestic. I respect you.

To Martha Nussbaum: You are the Anna Wintour of philosophy.

Dear Ted O'Neill's hair: Seriously. How do you do it?

To T-Lex: You are a destroyer of worlds.

Dear Bert: You are my favorite drunk. Keep truckin'.

To the girl who wore red rights two days in a row: I noticed. Everyone noticed.

To my dad: No, there is nowhere I want to eat on 53rd Street.

To Majorette Tom: I know I seemed like a bad conversationalist but you should've heard the witty repartee I thought up shortly after you walked away.

Dear Saffron: Your butter chicken has gotten far too red.