November 7, 2010

Community Episode 2.7 Recap

This week, the Community girls are taking a women’s studies class on depictions of women in the media (could Community be more meta? No. The answer is no). In class, they meet some mean girls who make fun of their outfits and make them sit in chairs that they do not want to sit in. It is unforgivable.

Luckily, Abed is also taking the women’s studies class, and he is a weird combination of observant and socially inept, making him an expert at really specific insults about dandruff. He helps the Community girls shut down the mean girls (one of whom is Hilary Duff). But then they start using Abed to shut down other girls who have slighted them, and soon it becomes unclear who is and is not a mean girl. To top it all off, there is a subplot going on where Abed is a robot!

The study group guys, who aren’t in the women’s studies class, actually don’t go to class the whole episode—instead, they discover a secret garden on campus, where they find inner peace. You can tell they are going to find inner peace the minute they walk in because the lighting in the garden is super surreal. Like, Lucy-in-the-Sky-With-Diamonds-and-Her-Friend-Frank-Zappa surreal. The garden also has a trampoline, where the guys bounce happily for hours and hours. Jeff gets so happy he wears Ugg boots! Can Troy and Jeff stay self-actualized, or will Pierce ruin everything and break both his legs in the process?