February 19, 2010

UChicago on Ice

Last week we had a preview of the Chairman's Cup, the broomball showdown between Alper and Crown Houses. Alper and Crown are named for Andrew Alper (A.B.'80, M.B.A.'81) and James Crown—that is, for the current chairman of the Board of Trustees and his immediate predecessor.

Well, the game was last Wednesday, and the winner on the ice was Crown House, which slotted a shot into the net late in the second (of only two) periods to take a 1–0 victory. Our friends at UChiBLOGo have a longer write-up of the event, which includes pictures. (That's Alper House in red and Crown House in blue. The older gentlemen pictured on the right are Messrs. Alper and Crown themselves.)

Off the ice, the winners were all those students who stuffed their jackets full of the free chocolate chip cookies and besprinkled brownies before heading back to the grindstone. The ample spread also included some truly excellent chocolate-covered pretzels that were reason enough to consider making this event semi-annual, maybe even quarterly.