April 16, 2010

Uncommon Interview with the Moose Party

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Delta Upsilon’s (DU) Moose Party is uncommonly unsuccessful at winning elections, having lost for 16 years running. But running for office is just one dimension of the slate’s activities, according to Moose Party candidates Riley Heckel, a third-year running for President; Cyrus Eslami, a first-year running for Vice President of Student Affairs; and Alex Casriego, a first-year running for Vice President for Administration. The Maroon sat down with the slate to discuss the activities the brothers do excel at: keg stands, event organizing, and decorating the Moose Room.

Chicago Maroon: So what are some of you guys' extracurricular accomplishments?

Alex Casriego: Well, I was pretty proud of my first time doing a keg stand. I got like 30 seconds...It was during my initiation....What else? Riley, you've accomplished a lot.

Riley Heckel: That’s not true....that’s completely false.

AC: He’s humble...

Cyrus Eslami: Well, there’s the Moose Party.

AC: It's really time-consuming, really, to develop such thoughtful and pithy talking points....

RH: We walked around campus and asked people what they wanted. And 95 percent of people said they wanted, like, blueberry vodka [to come out of the water fountains], for example.

CM: So how do you get so many people to participate in the Moose Party?

RH: We’re good listeners.

AC: I don’t think it’s so much that people want to come so much as that they don’t want to go to Greg Nance.

CE: The Moose Party is also a tradition that normal people like, that’s not like Scav Hunt.

CM: Word is you guys are pretty good event organizers, and you get pretty good turnout, but sometimes that can be detrimental to your, um, catering supply.

AC: Well, I think we’ve been pretty good with, um, catering. There’s been plenty of food at our last social event. That doesn’t happen very much and when it does we’re normally able to remedy it. I can’t remember the last time we ran out of food.

RH: And usually if we run out of, you know, food in the kitchen, there’s a lot more in the front.

CE: Or in the basement.

RH: Or in the basement.

AC: We normally overbuy food, because we have a couple of days, so you could just be eating food all weekend.

CM: Can you tell me a little more about the Moose Room?

AC: Normally we have our charter up over the mantle, it’s sort of...

RH: Where is it?

CE: We have all the paddles, but I think currently...they’re not here.

AC: Tucker Max was actually pledging here, but he got kicked out, because he sucks.

CM: Oh, so he got kicked out of the frat?

RH: He got kicked out of the pledge process, for being too much of a....

AC: A douchebag.... We’ve had some notable people.

CM: You said that one your proudest extracurricular achievements is keg stands—

AC: Yeah, we should call it something else probably.

CE: Is there a synonym for keg?

AC + RH: No.

-Ella Christoph