April 20, 2010

Executive Slate: Moose Party

The Moose Party, fraternity Delta Upsilon’s (DU) perennial slate, said it would advocate for a biodome protecting the school, with a surrounding moat and a dragon guarding the campus, if elected as Student Government’s cabinet. It would like the physical fitness test to be composed of beer pong, keg stands, and flip cup.

The slate is composed of three DU brothers: Riley Heckel, a third-year running for president; Cyrus Eslami, a first-year running for vice president of Student Affairs; and Alex Casariego, a first-year running for vice president for Administration. The brothers, the latest in a long line of Moose Party slates that have lost the elections for 16 years running, said they run to make the debates more fun, not to win the elections.

The Moose Party said it planned to give students what they want. “The way to go about inspiring that change is to take over Student Government and make it what it should be, which is beer for everyone,” Eslami said.

The slate said they had gone around campus soliciting ideas for change from students and planned on implementing some of these suggestions, like having blueberry vodka come out of the water fountains.