April 20, 2010

Undergraduate Liaison: Rafael Menis

Third-year candidate for undergraduate liason to the Board of Trustees Rafael Menis said that, if elected, he would focus on bringing the student body together as a whole. Because the liaison is voted on by the entire student body—both undergraduates and graduate students—Menis believes the position should focus on the unification and desires of the full student body. “The campus at the present time, is somewhat lacking in a sense of community,” he said.

He does not have specific issues that he aims on bringing to the Board of Trustees, but rather plans on talking with a wide cross section of students to determine what issues they would like raised with the board. He seeks to clarify methods of communication within SG, especially on their Web site, so students know how, and with whom, to raise concerns.

While Menis said he is most interested in determining what issues the student body would like to raise with the Board, he said he would be interested in re-examining the Kalven Report. He said it can be interpreted to allow the University community increased input on what companies the University should invest in, without making changes to the report itself.

Menis, who wears tie-dye every day, said he would continue to wear tie-dye but would adapt his attire for the meeting with the Board if necessary. “If need be, I’d be perfectly willing to tie-dye a suit,” he said.