April 27, 2010

Giordano's declared upper crust of Hyde Park pizzerias

What’s tastier than a competition answering the age-old question of whose pizza reigns supreme? Ask RSO Global Brigades, which hosted the first annual “Hyde Park Pizza Event” Saturday at the McCormick Tribune lounge.

The event pitted five local Hyde Park pizzerias—Chollie’s, Eduardo’s, Giordano’s, Domino’s, and Leona’s–against each other to see which one makes the best pizza. More than 175 participants sampled the various slices, and voted Giordano’s the best.

“The pizza contest was a large fund-raising event for all of Global Brigades,” said second-year Andrea Wan, treasurer and member of the Executive Board for Global Brigades in an e-mail. “Not only did it provide food for hungry students on a Saturday night, it was a truly unique event bringing together our Hyde Park community with the students at the University of Chicago.”

While the diversity of pizzas earned participants’ appreciation, Wan said the money Global Brigades raised for impoverished countries was its biggest accomplishment. “Our goal for the contest was mainly as a fundraiser, with all the profits going directly to Honduran and Panamanian communities,” Wan said. One-thousand, three hundred dollars was raised through the event.

The big turnout is a good sign that the pizza competition will stick around for future years. “For our first year running the event, I would say it was a great turnout and people seemed positive,” Wan said. “We do plan on holding this event next year and turning this potentially into an annual event.”

The money will help to provide medical supplies to needy communities, educate villages on the benefits of good health, establish plumbing systems to alleviate waterborne illnesses, and train local entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas and establish sustainable economic growth, according to Global Brigades.

Students attending the event were happy they could help out a good cause and fill their stomachs as well. “I am really happy I came. The pizza is good and I think that Global Brigades is doing a really good thing,” first-year Evan Weiss said.