September 19, 2010

Orientation Issue 2010

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Moving away to college and starting afresh is exciting, but it can also be nervewracking, confusing, and overwhelming, so we hope our Orientation Issue can ease the transition some and inject a touch of humor into the process. You can pick up a copy at one of our distribution points all over campus, or read any of the articles here.

And if you'd like to help us with any of the other 49 issues we'll publish this year (one every Tuesday and Friday, except for holidays and exam weeks) stop by the Maroon's open house, this Friday from 11 a.m. to noon, in Reynolds Club room 019. We need writers, artists, web managers, photographers, business staff, programmers, page designers, copy editors—whatever your skill, we probably need it and can put it to good use, so check us out!

Student Life

Traditions: Rituals to relish, or run from

Campus Controversies: Blood can still boil when it's 10 degree below zero

Bookstores: When an eight-million volume library system won't cut it

Religion on Campus: RSOs and institutions to help you keep the faith

Campus Dining: Or, Why Mom shouldn't worry you'll go hungry

Online Resources: Grades, jobs, and tuition bills, only a click away

Registration: How to reserve your seat

The Dorms

Blackstone | Breckinridge

Broadview | Burton-Judson

International House | Maclean

Max Palevsky | Pierce

South Campus Residence Hall

Snell-Hitchcock | Stony Island

A Concise U of C Dictionary

U of C: A to Z

Dating and Relating

Dating: Strap on those UChi-goggles and dive in

Roommates: How to make the next nine months work

Diversity: OMSA? LGBTQ? OK!


Classes: Advice for picking winners

The Core: The common lot of UChicago students


Campus Jobs: Plenty of ways to earn back your tuition dollars

Career Advising: How to find a job, an internship, or your calling in life

Arts on Campus

Art: Even the museums here are smart

Music: Cleverly-named a capella groups and beyond

Cinema: What's up, Doc?

Theater: The U of C's drama queens and kings

Get Physical

Sports History: The U of C's golden age and return to glory

Exercise: Get in shape, swimsuit season might return someday

Intramurals: Break out the broomball!

Student Health: Don't let a sniffles pandemic lay you low

University: Then & Now

University History: A long time ago, in a neighborhood not so far away...

Construction: It just keeps on going. Forever.

Alumni: Oh, the places Maroons have gone...

People in Power

Trustees: Perhaps the most mysterious, elusive group since the Masons

Adminstrators: All the President's men

Student Government 101: Your fearless leaders

Hyde Park

Town vs. Gown: The saga continues

Politicos: Meet the players on Chicago's political scene

Neighborhood Dining


Part One: Backstory Café – Cedars Mediterranean Kitchen

Part Two: Chant – Harold's Chicken Shack

Part Three: Homemade Pizza Co. – Jimmy Johns

Part Four: Kikuya – Medici Bakery

Part Five: Mellow Yellow – Park 52

Part Six: Pepe's Mexican Food – Ribs 'n' Bibs

Part Seven: Salonica – The Snail Thai Cuisine

Part Eight: Thai 55 – Zaleski & Horvath MarketCafe

Explore Chicago

Enter the Unicorns: An essay by Meg Brooks

The Blue Line to Damen, Or, When I Was a Teenage Boy and Watched Elephants: An essay by Nora Sørena Casey

Getting There: Go anywhere in the city for a couple bucks and change

Music: More tunes than you can shake a Pitchfork at

Theater: America's Second City has it's own first-rate shows

Movies: Two thumbs up for Chicago's cinema selection

Art: Remember John Hughes, play hooky at the Art Institute

City Dining

The Maroon's favorites from around the city: Part One, Part Two