September 25, 2010

U of C included in "36 Hours in Chicago"

So Wednesday's NYT suggests its readers use five of their "36 Hours in Chicago" in Hyde Park--and on Saturday afternoon, too.

I mean, it's cool of the Grey Lady to throw the spotlight on the Second City, which it's generally pretty supportive of, but advocating for a nice walk around the "first neighborhood" on prime vacation time?

The neighborhood is described as "a leafy enclave about four miles south of the Loop, [and] it’s easy to see why the Obamas settled there." On the itinerary are:

  • spotting Chez Obama

  • touring the (admittedly fantastic) Robie House

  • and, you know, " the beautifully landscaped University of Chicago campus is worth exploring for an afternoon." What is this, the Real Estate section?

It's like saying, "Check out Star Wars. It's a really great movie! But when that Han Solo guy shows up, that's probably a good time to take a break and watch Charlie Rose." It's just not done.