January 30, 2011

30 Rock Episode 5.12 Recap

According to Jack, there are two cash cows for TV networks: reality shows and celebrity benefits for natural disasters. This is why he has let cameras for Angie’s reality show follow Tracy around the studio while he is working. This is also why he wants to pretape a benefit for a disaster that has not happened yet. They’ll film a bunch of different spots for different (slightly) possible disasters (like fires, floods, fires that are then helpfully put out by floods, lots of birds). Then, when disaster strikes, NBC will air a benefit before all the other networks, and their ratings will skyrocket!

Jack gives the writers room an assignment: Come up with a list of potential disasters NBC should prepare for. Instead, the writers decide to prepare themselves for disaster, and start planning for the apocalypse. At first, their plan is to leave Lutz behind, because he is slow. But then Lutz lies and says he has a car. Suddenly, he is integral to the escape plan! Everyone wants to be his friend, especially because his (imaginary) car can only fit his three favorite people. It is unclear why the apocalypse the writers are imagining is gentle enough to be escaped in a sedan.

In spite of the incredibly distracted writers, the vague benefit gets produced, and then disaster strikes an island. Jack immediately puts the benefit on air, only to discover the island is Mel Gibson’s private island. Proceeds will go to Mel Gibson and his houseguest, John Gosling, which is fun because I had forgotten John Gosling existed. Probably because he’s always holed up on that island!

Meanwhile, Tracy tries to act normal for Angie’s reality show cameras because he wants to win an Oscar, and somehow being normal and winning an Oscar are connected in his mind. This means Tina Fey can sort of make him do stuff, but then she can’t anymore, and then she and Tracy sing to each other. They are both surprisingly good singers!