January 30, 2011

Community Episode 2.13 Recap

Annie has written an anti-drug play for middle schoolers, since she used to do drugs and she doesn’t want other people to do them. It’s nice. It’s also mysterious, because her play somehow requires people to dress up as cats, bees, crayons, and marijuana (luckily, not all at the same time). She is directing, and the rest of the study gang is acting.

Pierce is playing marijuana, but he is upset because he doesn’t have any lines. He got shut out of a moist towelette commercial in his youth, and now he has semi-psychotic acting aspirations. So he does what any reasonable adult would do —he tails Annie after school, hoping to find blackmail material and persuade her to give him lines. Instead, he discovers that Annie is broke, and he gives her money. It’s weirdly not creepy, given that an 80-year-old man followed an 18-year-old girl home without her knowledge.

Pierce starts holding the money over Annie’s head, though, and convinces her to change the script so he has lines, and can kind of do what he wants. But Pierce wants the audience to love him, due to his past trauma and also his personality, so he makes the middle schoolers love drugs. You can tell because they start chanting, “We want drugs!”

Senor Chang comes to the rescue. He puts on Pierce’s costume, goes onstage, and creeps the kids out. “I’ll wear your little brother’s skin like pajamas!” he says for no reason. The kids learn that while they think they want drugs, they actually don’t, because drugs are not even a real Spanish teacher. Because of Chang’s valiance, Shirley decides to start talking to him again, which is good because he may be the father of her unborn child.

There is a subplot where Britta’s nephew thinks she wants to have sex with him. It is because Jeff is sexting men from Britta’s phone. Luckily, nothing goes horribly wrong, nobody has sex with their own aunt, and the term “emotipenis” got coined. That’s all you really need to know.