January 9, 2011

30 Rock Episode 5.9 Recap

Liz needs a therapist because she is having problems with her boyfriend, but also because she is generally leaning towards crazy. She decides Kenneth is her therapist. But Kenneth is not a trained professional, and so by sharing her problems, Liz traumatizes Kenneth. Kenneth then traumatizes Jack in what can only be described as a chain reaction of mental anguish that causes the episode to be called “Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish.” There is only one solution to the chain—Jack has to crush problems in his mind-vice (his pet name for his mind).

Jack is busy enough, though, helping Tracy with his son, Donald. Donald is two years older than Tracy and therefore only his son in the most unusual sense of the word. But Tracy is still funding Donald’s new business venture—a theme restaurant called Staples. (Donald has not heard about the other Staples.) It involves people dressing up as monsters and fighting while other people eat dinner—a foolproof plan! Donald wants Jack to invest. Jack wants Tracy to stop funding Donald’s awful ideas. Tracy wants to be a good father to his fake son, for reasons that escape me.

Meanwhiel, Jenna is worried that things are getting stale with her boyfriend, who is a female impersonator and specializes in impersonating Jenna. His girlfriend. He impersonates her. There is no way to say this where it doesn’t sound confusing. In any event, Jenna is bored and they break up. But not before he gets whiny and says, “Why can’t we just paint each other’s toenails, watch vintage pornography, and go to bed in our swing like a normal couple?”

A question as old as time.