November 11, 2011

Subway to bring healthy options to Midway Mart

Students on the south side of campus will no longer have to cross the Midway for a late night snack.

A Subway will open in Midway Market by the beginning of January, according to Director of Campus Dining Richard Mason.

“We were looking for a brand that could be successful and offer something different in dining to an area,” Mason said. “I think this will be very well-received if you compare it to what is around it and what is currently available.”

Mason said the idea for another food option on the south side of campus was inspired by feedback from focus groups, surveys, and interviews conducted as part of the Global Dining Initiative last spring, as well as Subway’s popularity in Hutchinson Commons.

Second-year Juliana Peebles, a Burton-Judson resident and an Inter-House Council executive committee member, said Subway would provide a healthy alternative to the options currently available to students.

“When it comes to fast food, Subway is relatively healthy. Plus you can get what you want,” Peebles said. “The grab-and-go sandwiches in the convenience store are $5 but they’re not as good of a value as Subway.”

However, Peebles disagreed with Mason that lack of food options was a sore spot for students.

“I think we have a decent variety of food,” Peebles said. “It comes up, but it’s not a big complaint.”

Supervisor of Midway Market Priscilla Evans said that the new Subway would also provide a positive change for employees.

“It will mean better opportunities for our team members because it’s something different than just the store,” Evans said. “It will be more fast-paced and will increase their customer service experience.”

The new Midway Market will be a combination of Subway and a convenience store similar to the current store.

The store will accept cash, credit cards, and Maroon dollars as payment. While Midway Market and Subway will share the same hours of operation, there is a possibility that Midway Market will now open earlier because of Subway’s breakfast menu, though Mason said a final decision has not yet been reached.