February 15, 2011

Community Episode 2.15 Recap

Community this week is all about L-words—love, lesbians, long-term drug addiction, and look at this big party Senor Chang is throwing in Jeff’s apartment!

The episode starts with Pierce being really unsubtly addicted to painkillers. He got them for his broken leg, but now he is just taking them for fun, and they make him see a tiny man standing in the water fountain.

The study group gets in a fight because Jeff won’t tell Pierce to stop abusing his meds. The group’s argument is that Pierce listens to Jeff, but Jeff says, “He listens to the Barenaked Ladies. Why don’t you get their dumb asses to help you out?”

The entire study group is incensed by this, mainly because they love the Barenaked Ladies. Jeff ends up walking out and deciding not to go to the Valentine’s Day dance. Instead, he stays in and watches soccer with Professor Duncan, who had the best quote of the episode by far: “Ooh, I love pizza! In England we call them ‘Italian fannies.’”

Chang crashes the soccer watching, though, calls some friends, and throws a party at Jeff’s place. Then he does his laundry in Jeff’s dishwasher and puts live crabs (?!?!) in Jeff’s sink. But it’s nice, because he named one of them Jeff? It’s also sad, because Chang is homeless—his wife kicked him out when she found out he slept with Shirley. He ends up crashing at Jeff’s indefinitely and wearing Jeff’s underwear.

Meanwhile, Britta goes to the Valentine’s dance with a lesbian. Britta is straight, but she is excited about her dance date because it means she’s not homophobic. She doesn’t really know what being homophobic means, though; you can tell by this smug but incomprehensible quote: “If you have to ask if it’s homophobic to ask questions, haven’t you already answered your own question?”

I’m pretty sure the answer is “no.”

Meanwhile, Troy and Abed go after the same girl whose entire wardrobe consists of bustiers. Unfortunately, when she chooses Troy, Troy realizes he can’t love a girl who doesn’t love Abed. He ends up hugging Abed for a long time, with his eyes closed. It is the best.