April 1, 2011

Nothing U of C about UChicago hook-up site

In response to “Websites offer U of C romance" (March 8)

I am writing to express my embarrassment as an alumnus of the College. Your publication recently alerted me to a startling upstart, headed by a UChicago undergrad, in the business of fornication facilitation (“Websites offer U of C romance,” 3/8/11). (I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, out of charity and observation of campus fashion trends, and assume the use of the word “romance” in your headline was meant ironically.) This morning, thanks to CBS and the Drudge Report, a much wider audience was introduced to UChicagoHookups.

To be blunt, it is shameful and morally repugnant that such a site is being run by and for UChicago students. “ThisKid2000” must know this at some level, as he won’t even let himself be affiliated with his website by name. It’s too bad he didn’t spare the rest of the University community the same indignity.

And yet I can’t help but wonder if such a decline in quality among UChicago undergrads isn’t partly the Administration’s fault. They are, after all, the ones who admitted such debaucherous detritus. Three cheers for the Common App! Because that’s what this is: common. It’s the banality of immaturity. It is mere common promiscuity, promoted by common minds, for common lusts. There is absolutely nothing "U of C" about it. But at least we’re keeping up with Northwestern, right? I hope ThisKid2000 hasn’t read the Symposium yet, or I would shudder to think of what other proclivities he might encourage.

Mark Meador

A.B. ’07