January 5, 2012

From freezing to foxy

It’s always harder to stay fashionable in winter, so here are a few tips on what clothes are in style this season, as well as how to stay warm enough to wear them.

First of all, invest in a pair of double -knit tights or—even better—plush lined leggings. They look completely normal on the outside, but the inside is layered with fleece. They’re so warm that you’ll still be able to wear skirts as the temperatures plummet, and you might even prefer to. Maxi-length is still in, so pair your plush lined leggings with thick socks, cute boots, and a long skirt.

Get a great coat that you absolutely love, because you’ll be seeing it every day. Make sure it’s warm and large enough that you can still button it over your sweaters and winter gear without messing up its shape. If you opt for a puff coat, go for one which hugs instead of obscures your shape, and choose one with a belt. Longer coats and more classic silhouettes are in, so take advantage of it and invest in a coat that will keep you warm and look great for years to come.

Make sure you have a hat, scarf, and pair of gloves that are both stylish and warm. You’ll be wearing them every day, so go for quality and versatility. Opt for elegance this season with fur trimmings and elbow -length gloves, fashion statements that will give you an extra layer of warmth. Keep your coat neutral and your accessories bright so you can get maximum wear and still be fashionable. Tartan’s also in this season, so you might want to pick up a patterned scarf to add a little extra brightness to your winter wear. Or switch it up and go for a coat with a large pattern and keep your accessories solid.

Wear wool. Buy wool socks and plain, long-sleeved shirts to layer underneath your other clothing. Wool is also a great structural fabric, so look for wool skirts or coats that have unexpected shapes to make a statement. Wide-legged pants and ’40s vintage are both in, so look for a pair of high-waisted wool trousers to pull off that taller-than-life, sophisticated Katharine Hepburn look.

Get creative with your layers. Treat a jean jacket or button-down as an in-between layer, pull knee socks over your tights, or pair a fleece headband with a hat (fedoras and oversize berets are particularly in). You’ll not only be warmer in several light to medium layers, but you’ll also have more versatility as you cross over from the frigid outdoors into toasty classrooms.

Shearling everything is in this season, a nod to the ever-fashionable ’70s vibe. Think early ’90s Abercrombie & Fitch as you dig in your closet, and look in the back corner for a shearling coat or vest to keep you warm and trendy.

Wear a sweater with everything—pair a big, oversize one with skinny jeans and tall boots, or a sweater dress with patterned tights, or a sweater jacket with a turtleneck underneath for particularly cold days. Horizontal stripes or sweaters combined with lace and fur are all the rage this winter.

But, most importantly, have fun with your clothing. Keep the blues away with bright colors, fun patterns, and cozy pieces that make you smile no matter how much it snows.