October 23, 2012

Hyde Park gets a new "Sip" of coffee

Courtesy of Julia Reinitz

A new coffee shop hopes to enliven Hyde Park.

The Sip, located at the corner of South Hyde Park Boulevard and 53rd Street in the DelPrado apartment building, had a soft opening on October 12.

The store serves ALTERRA coffee along with a variety of specialty coffee drinks, smoothies, and other typical cafe fare.

Located right behind the bus stop on 53rd and South Hyde Park, The Sip hopes to appeal to commuters who need to grab a coffee and a snack, said manager Chelsea Oliver.

Oliver hopes that the building’s vibrant red and yellow color scheme and the modern look of its floor-to-ceiling windows will draw in pedestrians.

“The Sip coffee house…is a very cozy place,” Oliver said. “We always have music playing and the news always on.”

Although it has only been open a little over a week, The Sip is already making a serious effort to appeal to the neighborhood. Oliver said that they had worked with ALTERRA to promote the shop around Hyde Park.

“They come down every now and then and give us a coffee tasting. They let the customers come in and taste…a lot of different types of coffee…and show baristas…how to put a great espresso shot and how to make the latte art with the hearts and the leaves,” Oliver said.

The colors meant to attract attention could take away from the Sip as a study space for fourth-year Grete Grubelich, though the friendly vibe persists.

The staff gives off an energetic vibe that'll pick you up almost as fast as their specialty coffees. Lots of space, a respectable number of electrical outlets and a long list of drinks means you could really spend some time there, whether its with all your friends or all your books,” she said.

My only complaint is that it feels a little too fresh and sharpI like the worn-in, warm and shabby kind of coffee shop, but I have no doubt after some Hyde Park love this place will get its charm."