December 19, 2012

Indiana Jones journal accidentally sent to campus

The College admissions department solved a highly publicized mystery regarding the origin of a package addressed to Indiana Jones, which contained a replica of the journal from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. The book found its way into the University’s lap this past week, according to the UChicago admissions tumblr.

When the package first arrived on campus, admissions staff instructed a student worker to redirect the package, which was addressed to Henry Walton Jones Jr., to the professor, the Chicago Tribune reported. After a quick online search, the student informed them that the professor the parcel referred to was the famous fictional character Indiana Jones.

After the discovery, admissions staff uploaded a photo of the package to their tumblr page, inviting speculation as to the journal’s origin. Suggestions included that the journal was intended as promotion for Indiana Jones films, though this theory was quickly written off by Lucas Films, said admissions counselor Grace Chapin, in an interview with the Tribune.

The originator of the journal was discovered to be a man from Guam who was sending the recreated journal to Italy, according to the Huffington Post. The original packaging came undone in the mailing process, and the inner packaging misled the post office to believe its intended recipient was in Chicago.

The creator of the artifact has agreed to allow the University to keep the replica. It will be showcased in the Oriental Institute, according to the admissions tumblr.