April 20, 2012

The Next Liaisons

Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees

Tomas Alvarenga

An economics and statistics double major and third-year Tomas Alvarenga took over the position temporarily last quarter after Nakul Singh left unexpectedly. Alvarenga has met with board members, including Chairman Andrew Alper, to discuss the best ways of putting the current SG slate’s proposals into effect, when applicable.

Alvarenga stresses the importance of presenting the board with a well thought-out set of concrete priorities instead of a laundry list of demands, in order to be taken more seriously. He does not think a vote on the board is vital for the position, although he believes that a student presence on some of the 11 standing committees, such as Campus Planning and Facilities, would be useful.

Chet Lubarsky

A visual arts major and third-year, the current class representative wants to establish voting rights on the Board, which the position does not currently possess. He also wants to push socially responsible investing and facilitate more student meetings with the Board. The creation of a fund analogous to the current Dean’s Fund for Student Life, which offers grants for student innovation, is high on Lubarsky’s list of priorities.

A baseball player for the Maroons, he believes he has the knack and personality to communicate effectively with the Board members.

Rohan Manthani

A biology and economics double major and second-year, Rohan Manthani is looking to liberalize the role of the liaison to the Board of Trustees by allowing more students to sit in on their meetings. He wants to lobby for a new student life center and more community engagement. He also wants to see more transparency in the way the University handles its on-campus development projects and in the dining services.

Manthani is running jointly with Raymond Dong and Osama Hamdy.

Community and Government Liaison

Grace Park

Psychology major and second-year Grace Park wants to expand student activities outside the “Hyde Park bubble,” facilitating relationships between University attendees and South Side residents through service projects and similar programs. She also hopes to foster a closer relationship between College students and graduate students through CAPS. She has participated in Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium (CAURS), Intercolliegiate Outreach Project with Campaign Hep B 2012, Homeless Outreach, Christian ministries, and ER volunteer service.

Raymond Dong

Pre-med economics major and first-year Raymond Dong has served in multiple SG committees as a class representative. He is president and founder of the RSO UChicago Collegiate DECA, a competitive business-oriented student organization, and co-founder of the RSO United Against Infectious Diseases. He also served on Inter-House Council and has worked with the homeless and advocated for disabled students.

Dong is running jointly with Rohan Manthani and Osama Hamdy.

Graduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees

Kathryn Hagerman

A second-year graduate student in public policy and Middle Eastern studies, Kathryn Hagerman wants to close the gap between the students and the trustees by representing student concerns. Her main priorities are health benefits, affordable child care for graduate parents, and adequate pay for graduate students. She also wants to have monthly or quarterly meetings with students to get their input, modeled off those of Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ).

Since college, she has worked in human resources and the legal sector, which she believes has given her the skills to adeptly interact with the Board of Trustees.

Osama Hamdy

A second-year student in the Law School, Osama Hamdy wants to make the campus a welcome place for incoming graduate students and have a strong presence on the Board, even though he does not have a vote. He plans to do that by bringing student opinions to the trustees with data and specific evidence to back up his views. He also sees the Board as a great resources rather than an “us” versus “them” situation. He also wants to work with the elected executive slate.

Hamdy helped with SG campaigns as an undergrad at UC Berkeley and enjoys community service in his free time. He is campaigning jointly with Rohan Manthani and Raymond Dong.