December 4, 2013

Road to Joy: Things I'm thankful for this December

It’s easy for me to remember to be thankful on Thanksgiving. It’s not so easy during 10th week, when I have four finals eagerly waiting to destroy me, when I face weather so cold that it burns, when I spend my free time desperately refreshing in hopes of getting into any class at all.

So, as a faithful believer in the power of making lists, I attempted to make myself remember a few choice things that I should be grateful for this December:

Free Shipping Day: I have December 18 marked on every calendar, planner, and whiteboard I own (seven, to be exact). As somebody who worships the convenience of online shopping, but dreads the idea of paying $8 for shipping, I’m so, so thankful for free shipping day. I plan on online shopping for pairs of socks that probably cost, like, two dollars, just because I can have them flown to me fo’ freeeeee!

Amazon Prime: That being said, can we forget about all of the exploitative stuff that comes with companies like Amazon for a second and thank the higher beings for Amazon Prime’s free shipping ALL THE TIME?! Instead of going to Bart Mart and buying ridiculously overpriced shampoo, I can get it sent to me in two days for probably half the price and double the quantity. I love exploitation, I guess.

The Quad: First off, shout-out to the quad for being freakin’ beautiful for those three days last month. Now that all of the trees are dead and the weather feels like death, the University will put up lights everywhere! As I’ve been listening to Christmas music and shrieking every time I’ve seen anything holiday-related since Halloween, you can imagine how excited I am for this. I’ve already picked out which Instagram filters to use for all of the pictures I’m going to take on my library walk-of-shame.

College Basketball: I wait for college basketball to show up on TV all year. All year. Finally, I can go to Ratner and curse at the mini-televisions without feeling too much shame, since I’ll be “working out.” If you see me, try not to stare. I tend to do the John Wall dance and put up 3-goggles every time a UK game is on. Who cares about the NBA anyway?

UCPD: It’s going to be cold as Satan’s heart outside until April, so let’s just take a moment to appreciate the men and women who stand outside for hours to keep us safe. In comparison, I can barely make myself get out of bed and put pants on for class, so…

People who read my blog: A.k.a. my sister, my boyfriend, and the editors who correct all of my mistakes. Thanks, guys.

Jenny Lee is the blogger behind Road to Joy. She is a second-year in the College majoring in political science.