March 7, 2013

SHE member accuses UCPD chief of lying

At an SG Assembly meeting Thursday evening, fourth-year SHE member Olivia Woollam publicly accused UCPD Chief of Police Marlon Lynch of misrepresenting his knowledge about a UCPD detective acting undercover in a February 23 protest.

“Marlon Lynch released a statement saying that he was not privileged to the decision to send the detective in disguise as a protestor. I was informed by people who I assumed would know, and who I trust to not lie to me about these things that he actually was in the room when that decision was made,” Woollam said.

Lynch released a statement on Monday stating, “The event plan created and implemented by UCPD did not approve of any officer actively participating in the protest. That will be one focus of an internal investigation undertaken by the UCPD.”

Woollam made the accusation during her presentation of a resolution denouncing the UCPD’s actions in arresting four protesters during the January 27 protest, which was co-written by third-year SHE member Michael McCown and graduate student Toussaint Losier, for the Assembly’s consideration.

The resolution called for SG to ensure an “open and transparent accounting of what happened on January 27” and to facilitate a meeting between activist groups and several executives in the UCMC to discuss a long time goal of SHE.

The Assembly members did not pass the resolution, but instead voted to create an ad hoc committee to amend the resolution submitted, with a requirement that it be voted on by all relevant bodies by next Wednesday, March 13.