April 16, 2013

SG 2013 Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees: Thomas Remissong

Tiffany Tan / The Chicago Maroon

Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees candidate first-year Thomas Remissong intends to revive a position he believes is currently ineffectual by improving communication and increasing transparency between the trustees and the student population.

Remissong is currently the Chairman of Public Relations in the Student Alumni Committee, active in the South Campus West Council, and is working with the administration to write a book about the university’s history, traditions, and alumni retrospectives.

“I have been to several of the luncheons that have been hosted with the trustees this year, and, in talking to them, I have realized that there is not much communication currently going on. At the last trustee luncheon, which was on Friday, I asked a trustee about the liaison position, and he said he didn’t even know who the current liaison was. That was an eye-opener,” Remissong said.

Remissong intends to create and run a Board of Trustees Facebook page where students can post questions and concerns for the Board and access its responses in addition to increasing trustee luncheons and other outlets for students to engage with the Board.

“Most students have a very faulty understanding of how the Board works. It is a very complex entity and they have a very specific goal which is to ensure the stability of the school,” Remissong said. “The fact is that the Board controls whether our degree will matter in the future because they control the overall direction of the school.”