April 30, 2013

SG candidate disqualified, slate issued penalties

Update, 8/19/13: In a letter to the Maroon, rising second-year Christina Dong responded to her disqualification from the SG election earlier this year.

First-year Christina Dong, the only official candidate vying for the position of Community and Government Liaison, has been disqualified from competing in this election, the Elections and Rules Committee (E & R) announced early this morning.

Dong has been penalized with the “unethical creation and distribution of a recording without consent,” according to an e-mail from third-year E & R member Angela Wang.

According to E & R’s April 29 meeting minutes, Dong made a recording that she claimed to want for personal use. The minutes do not specify the content or nature of the recording. The person that she recorded asked to remain anonymous multiple times throughout the recording, according to E & R deliberations, but Dong later shared the recording directly with one other person, the minutes said.

There are now no official candidates for Community and Government Liaison. According to E & R chair and fourth-year Lester Ang, the position will now go to the write-in candidate who receives the most votes.

The meeting minutes also revealed that additional penalties have been imposed on UChicaGOLD as a result of last night’s deliberations, according to Wang. They now face, in total, three major and two minor infractions. UChicaGOLD was also in consideration for disqualification, but the motion failed, as only two out of five E & R members voted in favor of the penalty.

Both Ignite and UChicaGOLD have received notice of complaints filed against them in regards to formally affiliating with liaison candidates, which is strictly against the campaign by-laws, within the past week.

SG elections begin today at 9 a.m. and run through this Thursday at 5 p.m. Winners will be announced later on Thursday evening. Voters can log on with their CNetID at and cast their ballots.