May 7, 2013

Dining hires external reviewer

In light of the recent health inspection failures and growing student concerns, UChicago Dining has signed a contract with external food health consultant National Everclean Services, according to a statement on the Dining Web site. In a previous statement on the Web site, administrators pledged to hire outside consultation.

The company will conduct an examination of all of the dining facilities on campus to identify the sources of the recent problems, including evidence of mouse droppings and temperature issues, and provide training and consulting to UChicago Dining employees. The review will look at the dining facilities as well as the processes and procedures used by the workers. The findings of the inspection will be available by the end of the academic year.

Everclean Services is a privately-held food safety auditing company that has performed over 40,000 food safety and sanitation audits in over 10,000 facilities, including other institutions of higher education.