October 7, 2014

Letter from the public editor

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the public editor column. As the inaugural public editor of The Chicago Maroon, I will act as a liaison between you —the reader—and all facets of the newspaper to navigate any feedback or criticism you may have regarding the content and journalistic conduct of  The Maroon.

Through a regularly updated blog and biquarterly print column, I will write about The Maroon and its journalism, informed in large part by your demand. I will handle your comments and questions, and investigate matters of journalistic integrity. In addition, I will offer insight and information regarding how The Maroon functions, or should.  My work will be independent of the traditional Maroon structure and all opinions and conclusions voiced in this space will be my own.

The Maroon recognizes the importance of developing a strong and open relationship with its readers in the aims of producing high-quality journalism that serves your interest. It is my goal to raise the profile of the public and advocate for you. To fulfill these goals, your feedback­—positive or negative regardless of scope or subject —is crucial. As such, I invite you to write letters to the editor, participate via online platforms, and/or contact me directly at publiceditor@chicagomaroon.com. I want to hear from you.

It is with great enthusiasm that I begin my duties as public editor, and I look forward to building this space together.

–Ingrid Sydenstricker, Class of 2016