November 14, 2014

Chicago Police Dept. shuts down Bar Night

This past Wednesday at approximately midnight, Alpha Delta Phi’s weekly bar night was shut down by Chicago Police Department (CPD) officers. Some students were detained and handcuffed, according to multiple eyewitnesses.

An ambulance arrived at the Alpha Delta Phi house at 5747 South University Avenue around midnight in response to a 911 call about a medical emergency. Officers accompanying the ambulance reported to the scene, as dictated by protocol, and encountered underage drinkers. Students upstairs and downstairs were asked to leave by the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity brothers. Several students report having no problem exiting the premises, while others reported being stopped and asked for IDs.

Several students suspected of underage drinking were detained in handcuffs and eventually released. University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) officers were present as well.

The UCPD directed questions about the incident to CPD, which did not respond for comment.

Students provided mixed reports on their encounters with officers.

“When [a handcuffed detainee] made efforts to understand why she was there, she was told verbatim to ‘Shut the fuck up,’ and was told she was likely going to jail,” second-year Zach Bamford said. Other students said they were similarly threatened. No students were taken to jail.

Other students said the police did not act inappropriately.

“The cops I saw were generally pretty nice about busting up the party,” said another student.

One student who saw the encounters said students were the instigators of the police officers’ actions: “There were some kids being way too aggressive and antagonizing the police, not the other way around.”

Bar night, which usually doesn’t taper off until later in the night, draws a large crowd each Wednesday night for beer and socializing at the Alpha Delt house. Alpha Delt could not be reached for comment.