November 21, 2014

Dept. of Safety & Security is No. 3

The University of Chicago’s Department of Safety and Security placed third in Security magazine’s yearly ranking of 19 self-selected college and university safety and security departments. The department came in fourth out of 24 in last year’s Security 500 Benchmarking Survey, the first time it participated.

Associate Vice President for Safety, Security, and Civic Affairs and Chief of Police Marlon Lynch wrote in an email that the department was not certain why the ranking had changed, but noted that some responses had changed from last year’s survey, including increased staff numbers, access control, and safety cameras.

Metrics used in the survey include both quantitative and qualitative benchmarks, evaluating both department procedures and statistics about personnel and spending. Lynch wrote that the department decided to participate in the survey starting last year “because the information requested seemed to provide a fair glimpse into the department’s work.”

The University of Pennsylvania Division of Public Safety maintained the first-place spot it has had for the last eight rankings. The New York University Department of Public Safety, which was not listed last year, took the number two spot.