December 2, 2014

Housing to consider change in room swap policy

Inter-House Council (IHC) recently proposed a change to the housing policy which would allow students to switch their room arrangements within their Houses without participating in the wait-list or lottery systems. Currently, students are only able to change their room types—between singles and doubles—during the year by entering the general wait-list system.

“Students are currently able to switch roommates between doubles (or switch single rooms)…but we hope to expand this option to switching roommates between singles, doubles, and triples,” fourth-year IHC president Natalie David wrote in an e-mail.

The current housing policy states that students may not change their rooms until the beginning of the fourth week of autumn quarter, and they must move into the same type of room as they were originally assigned to. This jeopardizes their placement in the House, as students who want to change room types must be placed on the general wait-list for the entire housing system and may be forced to switch Houses.

The new rule allows students to switch between room types within their Houses more easily but keeps the initial room-change freeze.

The proposal was passed by the IHC two weeks ago and will now be reviewed internally by the College Housing Office. If the change is supported, it could be approved within weeks or by the beginning of the next quarter.

The change was proposed by third-year Joshua Bustetter, the housing and facilities chair of the IHC.

“I proposed this change because it was an ongoing problem that I saw within my House and wanted to bring it up within the larger community to see if we could have a solution…where students are satisfied with the room type they are in,” Bustetter said.

“The hope is that this policy will enable houses to have a more cohesive house culture,” he added. “We hope that this will facilitate intra-house relationships.”