February 14, 2014

I love my team because...

Swimming and Diving

Jen Law, second-year: ...they are my family here at school. Swimming is only a small part of it. Every aspect of college, whether it’s cramming for midterms, family issues, relationship drama, stressing about the future, you name it. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you have this safe and supportive community who will love you no matter what happens.

Ciara Hu, second-year: …I know that they provide a support system that is hard to find anywhere else. I know for me personally, I’ve been very stressed out this year, both because of academics and personal life. When I feel like I am hopelessly overwhelmed, I know that there will always be open arms to give me a comforting hug, and ears willing to listen to my troubles.

Brian Yan, second-year: …I love training with my team and then eating tons of food together at the dining hall!

Brian Weisbecker, second-year: …we are family.

Sofia Gross, third-year: …I have never met a group of athletes that work as hard as the swimmers and divers. We always remember that we’re one team and love having fun with each other. I couldn’t imagine a better college athletic experience, and genuinely love being around this group of athletes.

Kendra Melnychuk, head diving coach: …they’re the most committed and dedicated group of athletes. They never give excuses and always show up to the pool ready to go. They have the best attitudes and always remember to have fun while working hard.


Jay Tee, head coach: …they keep my ego in check on a daily basis. Anytime I might be getting too confident, there’s always someone to remind me about being slow, my skinny legs, or being 30. I really do love being around them (almost) every day, and they make my job fun and easy.


Jordan Poole, second-year: …they are my best friends and my home away from home. I have no doubt that they have my back in everything I do, whether on the field or off.

Maddie McManus, fourth-year: …I know I always have 13 people who will have my back and would do anything for me. They are my family, and I’m so lucky to get to play the game I love and share all the ups and downs of being a student-athlete with them!

Women's Basketball

Helen Petersen, second-year: …our unwavering support for each other. They are sixteen of the most spectacular young women I ever met, and I feel #blessed to be a part of it.

Paige Womack, second-year: …we make every thing we do fun!

Women's Soccer

Kelsey Peterson, fourth-year: …we’re not afraid to be goofy together. It’s impossible to be embarrassed about anything after we’ve seen each other lip-sync songs during our preseason American Idol contest.


Maren Loe, second-year: …I know I can always count on them to support me, no matter what.

Nikki DelZenero, fourth-year: …only one out of 15 of us is a bear.

Track and Field

Temisan Osowa, first-year: …my track team is where I feel most at home. We protect each other, care for each other, and all look out for the well-being of one another...because they are who I am truly free with, where the burdens of everyday life and schooling at the U of C can be forgotten and we can just have fun!

Mikaela Hammel, second-year: …there’s no bond like the one that’s created when you kill yourself on the track together everyday. I love my team because of their swag and shade throwing. They make practice the best part of my day.

Annie Marsden, third-year: …they are like my family. They make me laugh, and I can always count on them.

Francesca Tomasi, third-year: …because my team loves me.


Kyle Engel, third-year: …there’s solidarity, and we’re able to joke around and not take ourselves too seriously all the time.