February 7, 2014

Dining director reveals Campus North plans

Campus North Dining Hall is slated to incorporate features unseen in Bartlett or Arley D. Cathey Dining Commons.

According to Richard Mason, director of UChicago Dining, the plan for Campus North “incorporates the most successful and important elements from our existing dining halls,” including a mix between House and non-House tables, which currently exists at Cathey and Bartlett, but also implements features that neither dining hall currently offers.

“[There] will be two private dining rooms, which we envision as multipurpose spaces that will allow groups to have meetings over meals. This is something that we had identified as a need through our operations at Cathey and Bartlett,” Mason said.

Additionally, Mason said Campus North will house a new gluten-free station, as well as a full halal station, like the one at Bartlett.

UChicago Dining intends to respond to student desires for greater accessibility and use of technology in the dining halls, but according to Mason, those plans are still pending.

“The integration of technology in the dining halls is something that we are still working on,” he said. “We haven’t settled on a definitive approach in this dining hall design but have heard from students that they want to be able to charge their cell phones, tablets, and laptops. We are also considering the use of tablets at the food stations to display menus, ingredients, and nutritional information.”