March 7, 2014

Delhi Center to kickoff March 28

The opening ceremonies for the Center in Delhi will take place from March 28–30, the University announced Wednesday. The weekend will consist of panel discussions with scholars from a wide array of disciplines, ranging from cinema studies to physics. The list of participants includes Martha Nussbaum, a renowned philosopher and professor in both the Law School and the Department of Philosophy, and Raghuram Rajan, governor of the Reserve Bank of India and professor at Booth.

President Robert Zimmer will lead the first discussion, a “presidential forum” on the center’s missions and objectives. Subsequent discussions will touch on visual cultures, transnational scientific innovation, and early childhood education. A ribbon-cutting ceremony, which will be webcast live, will take place at 4 p.m. India time on Saturday, March 28.

The Center, first announced in October, is one of the University’s ongoing international initiatives, which also include an upcoming facility in Hong Kong that will open this summer. Unlike the Center in Hong Kong, which will offer a Booth M.B.A. program, the Center in Delhi currently has no plans to offer specific programs or degrees. Like the existing Center in Paris and Center in Beijing, it is intended to serve as a hub for faculty research in India and house study abroad programs.

—Preston Thomas