January 8, 2015

Squad finishes 2–1 at first meet back

Chicago wrestling had a strong performance this past weekend at the Chicago Duals.  Although their first match against No. 2 Wabash started off rocky, the Maroons held the home advantage and took home the matchup, winning the next two matches against Manchester University and Harper College.

“I was very proud of our performance this past weekend,” said fourth-year Mario Palmisano.  “We had a lot of guys really step up for us and win some important matches. Overall, I think we grew both as individuals and as a team.”

Palmisano had a successful showing, going 3–0 in the Chicago Duals along with second-year Paul Papoutsis.

First-year Nicholas DiNapoli, who was able to take home a win against Manchester University at 184 pounds, agreed that Palmisano and Papoutsis were two of the standouts of the day.

“Two other veterans I thought stood out were our 165-pounder Paul Papoutsis and Mario Palmisano who both went undefeated on the day and beat their opponents pretty handily,” DiNapoli said. “In previous matches this year I feel we have not had the intensity we need to be successful, but at the Chicago Duals I feel we wrestled tough and each wrestler played an important role in securing two victories.”

The squad had several smaller victories throughout the Chicago Duals as well, for both newer and older team members.  First-year Devan Richter brought home an offensive-filled 27–16 win at 125 pounds against Wabash. Similarly, fellow first-year Nick Ferraro managed back-to-back pins against Harper.

On the veterans’ side, third-year David Gremling pinned his Manchester opponent immediately at 197 pounds. Fourth-year Adam Wyeth took an 8–7 win at 133 pounds against Harper.

DiNapoli gave reason to such successes.

“Over the winter break the wrestling team was at the University practicing and I thought that was a crucial part for our success at the Chicago Duals,” said DiNapoli.  “We only got to go home the week of Christmas, and the rest of the time we were here practicing twice a day. During this time we made gains both on and off the mat.”

Palmisano is feeling optimistic.

“The team energy was great this past weekend.  Hopefully we can ride that momentum and go into next weekend feeling strong and enthusiastic,” Palmisano said.

A winning weekend helps, but the Maroons still have plenty of work left to do in the season.

“The team is preparing very hard for the upcoming Lakeland Duals,” DiNapoli said.  “We had a great performance last week, but we know we still have a long season to go. The most important thing we can do this week is push each other to get better every practice, keep our weight under control, and stay healthy. I feel we have had two great practices already this week and plan on having two more hard workouts before we compete this weekend.”

The Lakeland College Duals will occur on Saturday, January 10 at noon in Sheboygan, WI.