November 24, 2015

What we’re thankful for

A short, incomplete list of things to appreciate this Thanksgiving..

As winter closes in on us, perhaps the only comfort we have is the equally swift approach of Thanksgiving. Whether you’re planning your friendsgiving, headed home to see family, or eating an entire rotisserie chicken by yourself in your apartment, here are some things that we can all be grateful for:

Professors who cancelled class this Wednesday: and professors who cancelled class Tuesday! #bless #praise

Dead birds: whether that’s the turkey you’ll be eating or the ones that fly straight into the the shiny new glass facade of Eckhardt.

The hotcakes at Fabiana’s: both the baked goods and the workers there.

Bubble soccer: Can I borrow one of those? I’m cold and want to achieve my childhood dream of living in an inverted snowglobe.

A new study on religion: Apparently a religious upbringing makes people less altruisticHappy holidays!

Tickets for MAB’s Fall Show: Sold online for the first time! Which... didn’t really matter since no one was in line?

The South Side Pie Challenge: Served with competition more fierce and delicious than a lecture hall full of first-year premeds.

College rankings: 1151st in the Economist! Share that on Facebook.

The return of the Bartlett Waffle Machine: The Maroon’s November nomination for the Staff Recognition Award Program.

The new Marketplace site: Now it’s easier to buy five-year-old rice cookers.

The William H. Ray Elementary School playground: Providing a pure source of joy for students during their morning walks to campus.

Student protesters at Yale and Mizzou: Bravely bringing to light issues of race on college campuses.

The final Breckinridge Haunted House: Hello from the other siiiiiide.

Dean Boyer’s new book: covering 125 years of the university, in the making for 20 of those years. And you thought your B.A. was hard.

The end of the University’s contract with Aramark: Death to oversteamed broccoli!

New green space in front of the BSLC: Annnnd it’s covered in snow.

The new adult level 1 trauma center: Sincerely, thank you.

My off-campus apartment: At a significantly lower risk of being sold or demolished than most dorm buildings.

Everyone and everything we forgot: We’re sorry. Happy Thanksgiving.

—The Maroon Editorial Board

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