December 1, 2015

New stationary store opens in Harper Court

On November 20, Noteworthy Notes, a Lakeview-based stationery store, opened a satellite location in Hyde Park at 5231 South Harper Court.

Owner of Noteworthy Notes, Cindy Rudman (M.B.A. ’97), founded the store 16 years ago in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago.

Noteworthy Notes sells everything from stationery products like wedding invitations to cosmetic bags and jewelry. A distinctive feature of the store is its ability to personalize over 50 percent of the products that are sold to customers. “Personalized, thoughtful gifts allow people to give something unique,” Rudman said.

While Noteworthy Notes’ primary store in Lakeview is still where all the intricate embroidery and personalization are done, Rudman decided to sign a six-month lease to expand into the Hyde Park neighborhood. She noted the lack of stationery and personalized gifts services in the area as a reason that she chose to open shop here. The new store is in Harper Court, a development on East 53rd Street that is financed by the University.

According to Rudman, Noteworthy Notes’ second location will provide a more convenient option for local college students while still supplying the same personalization options, just with more time needed to transport the items to and from their first location.

“I opened a second location of my store in Hyde Park in order to offer a great selection of personalized gifts and special event invitations to the neighborhood. We love making our clients gift-giving superstars and hope the residents of Hyde Park will allow us the privilege of assisting them in that capacity.”

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