February 17, 2015

Crunchbutton expands to Univ.

Crunchbutton, a food delivery startup, recently added a branch at the University, promising students one-click food ordering and delivery for traditionally pickup-only restaurants in Hyde Park such as Chipotle, Starbucks, and Five Guys.

“It’s a great service for those late nights if you’re studying or partying—you know you can... quickly get food the way you want it,” said first-year Emma Madden, a marketer for Crunchbutton.

Crunchbutton operates from 6 p.m. to midnight every day, adding a $3 delivery charge to orders and arriving within a 30-minute delivery period. Orders can be made both online and through an app, and both platforms save previous orders to enable one-click ordering.

The service is particularly useful “when it’s zero degrees outside and and you can’t leave the Reg,” Madden added.

Crunchbutton has already existed in its early stages on a national level. It is popular on the west coast, but is gaining more of a national presence. David Klumpp, one of the founders of Crunchbutton, began it at Yale with several undergraduate seniors.

“We started at Yale with a single sandwich called the Wenzel,” he said in an e-mail. “We made a website called One Button Wenzel that was literally a giant button that ordered you a sandwich. We sold $50,000 of that sandwich in the first few months, and decided to turn it into a startup.”

While the University’s branch does not sell the Wenzel, it does draw on the model inspired by the original Wenzel-selling website. Students can recommend restaurants for pickup, and similar to Uber, can work as drivers.

“We see ourselves as the leading national logistics network for getting anything to your door,” Klumpp said.

The startup is now up and running in Hyde Park.